President’s Message

I had the privilege of being a student of Canossian schools for ten years. I also had the privilege of subsequently returning to my alma mater for another ten years as an employee.

Living and breathing in the Canossian environment for these many years has taught me to experience more fully all that life has to offer. With the gentle care and firm guidance of both the sisters and teachers, I have personally encountered the value of living for others. Hence, my heartfelt gratitude to all who have taught me and given me that sense of purpose and meaning.

The Canossian Alumni Association continues its journey of serving its alumni members, supporting its affiliate schools and collaborating with its broader community. In doing so, we hope to engage our members more fully into being women of purpose and service. Be it our annual visit to St Joseph’s Home, our biannual high tea gatherings, the online engagements or the cosy group activities with ex-teachers, we hope to create the kind of friendship and fraternity that enrich lives and build community.

We will look towards our two Canossian saints, St Magdalene and St Bakhita, as well as our Canossian values to guide us towards these aims.

Cecilia Nathen
Canossian Alumni Association