Who We Are

Once a Canossian, always a Canossian!

The Canossian Alumni Association exists to promote the Canossian spirit and tradition among its members.

The Association has its roots as far back as the 1960s, when it started with informal gatherings among ex-students and their teachers. It was officially registered with the Registry of Societies in July 1977.

The Canossian Alumni Association serves to maintain close links among former students of the Canossian schools in Singapore as well as with the larger Canossian community. Membership is open to former students of the 4 Canossian schools – St Anthony’s Canossian Primary & St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary Schools, Canossa Catholic Primary School and the Canossian School.

The Association aims to strengthen its network of Canossian ex-students and connect with the Canossian community through activities that develop social bonds, support spiritual growth and create opportunities to serve those in need.