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Annual Visit to St Joseph’s Home – 2 May 2016

Posted on 3 Dec 2016

Joined by a merry group of ladies from the church of St Ignatius who were also doing their regular visitation, the day began with an energetic round of warmup exercises performed to the tune of ‘If You’re Happy And You Know it’ set the tone for helpers and residents to interact, followed by a sing-along to familiar songs with an enthusiastic Uncle taking the mike for his solo spot.

The craftwork for the day was plate-decorating, with the helpers encouraging the residents to use colourful markers and stickers to create works of art, which were then mounted on wooden sticks for display.

The perennial favourite, Bingo provided for an exciting time, as one and all got caught up in looking out for the numbers flashed on the screen with our dynamic emcee, Veronica announcing them. Elated shouts and disappointed groans punctuated the hall as the Bingo cards were rapidly filled up, with the eventual winners getting their prizes.

We were also fortunate to have the winner of the recent Mediacorp Golden Age Talentime, Ms Tan Jong Lee with us to enthrall us with her renditions of classics such as Teresa Teng’s ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’ and the iconic theme from ‘The Bund’.

Lunch was a simple but hearty buffet as the helpers assisted the residents with their meal, singing crowd favourites such as ‘Pass It On’ and ‘Rhythm of the Rain’ to provide for a cheery atmosphere all through till noon.

Art and craft

Bingo session

Calling our winning number


Lunch for residents and staff
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