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PARTNERSHIP WITH SACPS FOR CNY - Juniors bring Cheer in the Monkey Year – Visit to SJH

Posted on 1 Dec 2016

A group of Primary 2 students from St Anthony’s Canossian Primary School came to sing their way into the hearts of the residents at St Joseph 's Home on 17th February 2016 – the 10th Day of the Lunar New Year of the Monkey. These girls were accompanied by members from the Alumni, along with teachers, including their Principal, Mrs Eugenie Tan. Also in attendance were Sr Theresa Seow, Provincial Leader of the Canossian Daughters of Charity (FDCC), Sr Janet Wang and Sr Dorothy Lim, Spiritual Director to the CAA.

CNY Partnership with SACPSThese talented 8 year olds provided an upbeat and entertaining half hour repertoire consisting of a Chinese New Year jingle and English melodies including ‘I Can Sing A Rainbow’, ‘Top Of The World’ and Bruno Mar’s ‘Count On Me’ with a solo accompaniment on Ukulele.

The residents were also presented with oranges and enjoyed a sumptuous luncheon sponsored by the CAA. The Canossian Schools/Alumni Partnering Programme aims to foster stronger bonds through the collaboration of Alumni members getting involved in events and engaging with current students, teachers and parents at the few Canossian institutions – namely Canossa Convent Primary School, St Anthony’s Canossian Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as the Canossian School for the Hearing Impaired. This is the second partnering activity that SACPS has organised with the CAA - the first being a Children’s Day excursion at the Universal Studios Singapore, with a selected group of students in October last year. By and large, most alumni engagements involve mainly secondary schools, perhaps because both the alumni societies and the older students find more value in the collaborations - such as mentorship, social events or missionary activities.

“As former students, we aspire to keep the Canossian Spirit alive. Therefore, the Alumni presence in our Primary Schools is imperative, particularly to parents, showcasing support for our Principals and educators in their work to continue the brand of education that focuses on the Formation of Heart,” says Veronica Tan, President of the CAA.

At the end of the visit, the 27 gleeful little girls were told by Sr Theresa Seow that “these ‘CAA Aunties’ used to be like you, students at St Anthony’s, wearing the same uniforms as you did – they loved the school so much that they volunteered to accompany you on this visit here!”

Well, we shall imagine that in a couple of decades, these girls will be back to do the same!







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