Canossian Alumni
Youth Membership

This is a newly created segment of membership for those who have recently left school. The Youth Membership, also known as the CAA Youths, will have specially organised programmes for you to stay in touch with the Spirit of Canossa.

Look out for exciting activities coming your way. Better still, volunteer yourself into the Events Sub-committee and create your own initiatives! Go to the Contact Us page and send us your interest to be a Sub-com member of the CAA Youths.


  • The CAA Youth Membership is open to all recent graduates below 21 years of age.
  • CAA Youth Membership is free of charge. 
  • You get access to special events and activities organised just for you.
  • You may connect and post pictures on your Instagram with the hashtag #caayouths
  • Once you turn 21, you will be invited to join the Ordinary Membership ($80 for a lifetime) with the full privileges to vote, hold office and 
  • have a say in the management of the CAA.


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