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Welcome to the website of the Canossian Alumni Association (CAA)

The Association was officially registered with the Registry of Societies in 1977, and has been in existence since the 1960s with informal gatherings, keeping its objectives to provide opportunities for ex-students to stay connected to their friends, teachers and Sisters of the Canossian community.

The Canossian Alumni Association is the link to those who has left school and wish to stay in touch. Membership is open to former students of the 4 Canossian institutions - namely Canossa Convent Primary School, St Anthony's Canossian Primary & St Anthony's Canossian Secondary School; and a new addition to the Alumni family in 2015 – the Canossian School (for the Hearing Impaired).

The Canossians Connect Annual Get-together, the May 1st visit to St Joseph’s Home & the Annual AGM are some of the staples that the CAA organize annually to get connected. More initiatives are in the pipeline for 2016 – including school partnership programmes and activities for the newly launched Youth Members. Check out the event pages for more information.

“Formation of the Heart” remains at the core of our Canossian education. With that fundamental belief to recognize and acknowledge outstanding individuals who exemplify the Canossian values in action, the CAA contributes Scholarships and Awards to deserving winners of the St Bakhita Awards and the pinnacle St Magdalene Award.

In a nutshell, the Canossian Alumni Association exists - to stay connected with the generations of the past Canossians, mentor cohorts of present Canossians to continue the contribution to the generations of future Canossians.

Once a Canossian, always a Canossian.


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