Canossian Alumni

‘Africana’ Canossian Connect Annual Dinner 2015

Date : 18 Apr 2015
Time : 7pm – 10pm
Venue : Grand Park City Hall Hotel
Provider : CAA


“WAKA-WAKA…... and they came ……”
18 APRIL 2015

The resounding drum beat from the St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School percussion band welcomed close to 300 ex-students, teachers and guests at AFRICANA, the annual dinner of the CAA held at the Grand Park City Hall Hotel. Guests of Honour were over 30 Pioneer Teachers, who have retired from long service from the 3 schools - Canossa Convent Primary, St Anthony’s Canossian Primary and Secondary Schools.

AFRICANA, the theme, was planned in memory of St Josephine Margaret Bakhita, a slave girl from Sudan who was canonised a Saint 15 years ago by Pope John Paul II on 1st October, 2000. She is the Patron Saint for the cause of Anti-Human Trafficking.

“Our school values are based on the very spirit of St Bakhita - Resilience, Charity, Humility, Forgiveness,” said Veronica Tan, President of the CAA in her opening address. “Bakhita was very forgiving… and she was grateful for what she experienced. Tonight, we express gratitude for all our guests – Principals, teachers – past and present, our beloved Sisters, the Canossian Co-educators, and girls of SAC. You collectively made us who we are today. We will continue to fly our flag high with your continued love, work and support, and because of you, we will thrive!”

A special mention was also made to recognise Mrs Theresa Yeo, who first started the old girls’ association as a teacher from SACSS in the 1960s. “Without you, the Alumni would not have existed… thank you very much.” 

Mrs Theresa Yeo, 3rd from right was instrumental in the founding of the Old Girls’ association.

The programme highlights included an Inter-school ‘Waka-Waka’ Dance-Off Competition led by Sisters and pioneer teachers representing the 3 schools, performances by former and current students, a best dressed contest and meaningful reunions of teachers and pupils. The top prize of an I-pad air went to the ever joyful Sr Maria Riva. And in the true blue Canossian tradition to close the night, the school song was sung; and the party ended with a toast to the success of the past, present and future of the Canossian Education.

Happy diners walked away with a goody bag and some souvenirs – one of which was a photo of themselves encased in a specially designed frame from the photo booth set up for the night.

(Top) Sr Anne Lim leading the Inter-school Waka Waka Dance off representing SACPS – we found a hidden talent!

(Below) The Finale – No Canossian Alumni party is complete without smiles, shows, shouts, and sing-a-long songs. Super!! 


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