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CAA’s Connection with the Community St Joseph’s Home Visit

Date : 1 May 2015
Time : 9.30am – 12.30pm
Venue : St Joseph’s Home
Provider : CAA


On May 1st, about 40 CAA members, together with family and friends, joyfully made their way to St Joseph’s Home at their temporary location at Mandai Estate to spend the morning with the residents.  The visit on Labour Day began with simple exercises led by a few members of the Exco to warm them up for the activities later.

The warm up got the volunteers and residents to start connecting and bonding. 

Residents were then given materials such as green beans, plastic spoons, plastic bottles, foil and coloured tapes to make their own maracas. This allowed them to practice their motor skills, and eye-hand co-ordination. 

They were soon happily making music with their newly made instruments to the beat of familiar songs like ‘Rasa Sayang’, ‘Take Me Home Country Roads’ and many others.  It was like a karaoke session as some of them came forward to belt out their favourite songs including a few Mandarin classics by Teresa Teng.

The day was not over without a game of Bingo.  There was much excitement as everyone waited to hear their number being called out – and the children, volunteers and residents were cheering away when someone completed a line. 

Winners were delighted when they won prizes and accepted them with such glee and some of them got twice lucky!

Closing off the morning, a sponsored buffet lunch was served for the residents and staff workers. Volunteers served and fed the residents where needed.

“Everyone was so enthusiastic. It’s a simple gesture but when we see the folks enjoying, it is so gratifying.” said Ms Irene Ow Soo Cheng, SAC grad of 78, who found the visit very meaningful.

“This visit had one of the best turnout in many years…big crowd, great makan and entertainment!” commented a very delighted Sr Dorothy Lim, Spiritual Director to the CAA.

For many of the volunteers, it was also a first time experience. “This visit is certainly more satisfying that sleeping in late on a public holiday!” exclaimed Mr George Punnosse, Chairman of CCPS’s CCE Group (Canossian Co-Educators – an alternative name for Parent Support Group).  He was there with his daughter, Mariesa, a junior alumna, who graduated from SACSS in Y2014.  This is also the first year that the CAA has extended invitations to the school parent support groups to work in partnership.

It is an annual tradition of the CAA to visit the residents on May 1 – the Feast of St Joseph, Patron Saint of Workers. 

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