Canossian Alumni

Canossian Children’s Day Outing to USS

Date : 3 Oct 2015
Time : 9am – 5pm
Venue : Universal Studio Singapore
Provider : CAA



The CAA’s first Joint Project with the Primary Schools at a combined Canossian’s Children’s Day Outing. Shelley Ee-Raeburn shares the day with us here.

 Saturday 3rd October was a special day for 94 primary school students as they were treated to a day of fun at the Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa Island.


Thanks to generous sponsors and volunteer ex-pupils, this was a successful joint project that made beautiful memories for all who attended.


The CAA collaborated with the teacher representatives from St Anthony’s Convent Primary School (SACPS) and the Canossian Convent Primary School (CCPS) and stepped up as mentors/buddies to accompany the children on the rides and to help with their lunch break.  A volunteers’ briefing conducted by Mrs Eugenie Tan, Principal of SACPS, was held a couple of weeks prior to get everyone ready.

As the day approached, committee members, volunteers, our dear Sisters and the CAA anxiously prayed for good weather as the haze conditions worsened.  Postponing the event was being seriously considered for the sake of the wellbeing of the children.  The rain poured down on Friday and this helped clear some of the air and the schools decided to proceed with the outing, much to the glee of everyone!

At 9.30a.m that morning excited students, teachers and volunteer mentors/buddies arrive at the Universal Studios. Once the groups were organised, everyone was set and ready to go!  

Teachers distributed entrance tickets and meal vouchers. The children donned on bandanas to make it easy to identify them amidst the crowd.  

Queues were long for some of the rides – up to one hour waiting time. But the children were very good natured.  They were excited and happy and some chatted away while others played simple hand clapping games while waiting in the queues.

To commemorate the outing, each student also received gift packs with snacks donated by Sheng Siong and a folder souvenir printed with Sesame Street characters.  

The event was a good way for the young children to start thinking about how they can contribute back to society in different ways as they appreciate the contribution by others to make this Children’s day outing a memorable one for them. From the children’s smiles and squeals of laughter, the event was definitely fun and greatly appreciated. 




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