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You may use this Directory to search for old friends and classmates who have signed up with the Alumni as members. You may type in any part of their name (name known in school then in hanyu pinyin or dialect or their Christian name) and this Directory will do a search for you based on Alumni Members registered under that name in the school that you have specified.

For eg: to locate “Susan Lim Mei Huan”, you may type in Susan from SACPS and the Directory will generate all Alumni members with the name “Susan” and who used to be from SACPS. Or you may type in “Mei” and a listing of all the “Mei” names will appear.

If your classmate has forgotten which year she graduated from, she may not appear in the year you specify. You may then like to do a search via school instead of by year.

Do note, however, that the Alumni Directory is only as complete as the information we receive from Alumni Members at the time of application, or when they update us.

Once you have located your friend, send her a message by clicking on her name. If she has registered her email address with the alumni association, your message will be directed to her email address, so that she can respond to you directly. If not, your request will be sent to the Alumni Membership sub-committee who will forward your request to your friend, where possible. If we are unable to contact your friend, we will inform you in a few weeks’ time.

Due to reasons of confidentiality, we’re unable to provide you with Alumni Members’ details directly.

Good luck!

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